Our Mission Statement (adopted 12th February 2001)

Our purpose is to provide a long-term cultural, educational and community resource for the people of York and beyond by involving the wider York community in the production of the whole cycle of Shakespearean drama.

This purpose will be achieved by:

  • Setting up a charitable trust to oversee the activities of The York Shakespeare Project.
  • Involving schools, community centres, churches, amateur drama groups, other local community bodies and individuals by the provision of workshops and other activities relating to any forthcoming production of The York Shakespeare Project.
  • Soliciting and administering funds in respect of financing both the outreach and the production activities of The York Shakespeare Project.
  • Producing each of Shakespeare’s plays, in approximate chronological order, using largely local amateur actors, stage managers, technicians, costume and prop makers etc and drawing in such outside professional expertise as production needs and available funding may allow.
  • Producing each of the plays of Shakespeare, once and only once, within the boundaries of the City of York during a twenty-year period starting from the spring of 2002.
  • Showing that Shakespeare is fun, relevant and accessible to all.

You can read more about the history of the project and its story so far by clicking the links below:


Early productions


For details of individual productions, see our ‘Previous productions’ page.

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