Future productions

Our mission is to perform all of Shakespeare’s plays, in York, within 20 years. All our plays are cast by open audition, and we welcome enquiries from potential actors, directors and production crew.

Our intended future timetable is as follows, though this may be subject to change:

2017 The Winter's Tale
2018 The Two Noble Kinsman, Coriolanus 
2019 Anthony and Cleopatra, Macbeth
2020 Cymbeline, The Tempest

This would complete the canon within our 20 year target (we adopted the target in 2001; our first production was in 2002). We have made no decision about the other plays most persuasively attributed - in part or in whole - to Shakespeare:

- Sir Thomas More
- Cardenio/Double Falsehood/The Second Maiden's Tragedy
- Edward III
- A Yorkshire Tragedy

- The Spanish Tragedy

We are currently considering the future direction of the project once the first 20 year cycle is complete.